Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet The Vaders

What's the first thing you think of when you think about horses and warm weather? If you guessed flies, then you're doing good. If the next thing you thought of was fly masks...even better. Last summer, I bet I tried at least 2-3 different masks hoping to find some to fit the big guys. I had no luck even though they were advertised as draft horse fly masks. Well, none of them came even remotely close to fitting. Apparently, there are draft horses and then there are DRAFT horses. We own DRAFT horses!  Fortunately, my luck has changed. 

Meet the Vaders.....

Rusty Vader and Fancy Vader

Mavis Vader who is also a supporter of breast cancer research.  Isn't she precious?

Dick Vader

Molly Vader

Fancy wondering why she didn't get a pink mask like Mavis.....maybe next year Fancy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

I have somehow managed to not only post two posts in the same month but also on consecutive days. Maybe hell has frozen over or something, although I doubt it. Zack is pretty much a Fox News junkie, and if something that huge were going on, I doubt we'd miss that headline. I'm not sure what my deal was this weekend, but I was just in a picture taking kinda mood and thought I'd share.

Two of my chicky girls that were a little under the weather Friday night.  One has an infected eye, and the other has a tough case of mites I'm trying to get rid of.  In the three years I've been keeping chickens,  I've never had mite problems, but this year has been a doozy.  I even lost a few chickens before I figured out what the problem was :( Anyway, after seeing the doctor (me), they got a treat of scrambled eggs and oatmeal.  Chickens love eggs, especially the yolks.  Drop and break an egg in the coop and they're on it like a pack of hyenas (had to spellcheck that one)

 Since we'll likely be moving sometime over the summer, the garden had to be mobile this year

Zack is just going to love me for this one.  He had no idea
I took this and therefore no idea it's on here.  In case you're wondering what on earth he's doing inside that thing and what that thing is, it's an air compressor tank he's turning into a smoker.  I'll post pics of the finished product.  It reminds me of R2D2


Picked these out of my neighbor, Cleamon's garden.....yum yum

There are only two things I wish to take with me when we move...Cleamon and THIS tree.  It's a white oak and a little over 5ft in diameter/across.  It's a big dude

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Driveway

I tell ya.  I'm just wearin' out these blog every month or so.  Y'all keeping up with all this activity?  Some bloggers post one a day or even two. How in heaven's name they manage that is beyond me.  Oh well, that's not even remotely the point of this post.  My original plan was to add progress pics throughout the whole excavating process, but since I sorta have a life I'm just adding pics of the finished driveway.  That's all y'all really care about anyway, right?  All three or four of you that will actually read this.

Parking area for tree service trucks

View across pasture towards parking area and homesite

Just in case you're wondering what this picture of Tucker has to do with anything.  It really doesn't except that she's my girl and I love her to pieces and she pretty much goes everywhere I do :)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Okay, so it's been nearly a month since my first post....sheesh. I have good news though. The excavators have finally started working at the farm! It's actually been a couple weeks, but they've only had a few days during that time that were actually dry enough. I will be adding pictures of that whole process soon, but first I wanted y'all to see the work we've done leading up to this point. I us the term "we" very loosely. Zack has pretty much done all the work. The first five pics are of the old driveway and along the road. Then, there are a few pics of the clearing that's been done at the homesite.

The driveway when we first started


It may be hard to tell, but you can see tire tracks going downhill and then curving to the left around that little knoll. This will be the general path of the new driveway.

A view from across the street. The new driveway will come in to the left of the old one on the other side of the cattle chute.

We decided that the homesite should be located in the clearing between the two pine trees, but first we had to remove the honeysuckle jungle growing to the right.

Once all that mess was gone, we discovered a really nice oak growing back there

This was taken about a month ago. Zack removed about 20 somehting pines to the left of the oak. The house will sit close to where the truck is. The excavators will push over the three trees in front of the truck.

Hope y'all enjoyed the pics. Maybe, I'll get my butt in gear and get the excavating pics up pretty soon.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

She'll sleep wherever she wants

So, I've had this blog thing set up for a couple weeks now, but I've been thinking about doing one for quite a while. I haven't mentioned it because I didn't even have a post up and wasn't sure if I'd ever even get one up. Since I am a bit of a perfectionist (understatement), I have a tendency to overanalyze everything I write, emails, facebook updates, you name it. Knowing that, I figured it'd take me forty forevers to even write one post. My husband makes fun of this little quirk and rightly so. I annoy myself sometimes. I've been comtemplating what my first post should even be about...the new farm, the critters, the internal combustion engine, the price of tea in China. I dunno. My inspiration came the other night when I went to the chicken coop to put the girls to bed. I got so tickled I ran back inside to grab my camera. Look at this goofy thing:

This is Kimmy, one of my Americana hens. She is roosting on the cord to the coop light, and I wonder why the light was on the floor the other day. No, the light wasn't on then or in this pic so don't get excited.

I told her to quit being a princess and to get down and roost with the other girls. She told me I was interupting her beauty sleep and to get outta her face. I get no respect 'round here.

If you've tolerated me thus far, then stay tuned. I'll be putting up some progress pics of the work we've been doing at the new farm soon.