Sunday, July 10, 2011


After months of planning and a ton of hard work by Zack, the fence is done and the horses are here!!!  We are so relieved and thankful to have them back with us.  Zack finished the fence around 4:30 Friday afternoon and 10 minutes later we were out the door, horse trailer in tow.  Our biggest concern was loading the boys, Dick and Rusty.  They haven't been in a trailer in almsot 3.5 years.  Not to mention they weigh about a ton apiece and if they freaked in the trailer, we'd have to explain to the CO-OP how their trailer got destroyed.  Anyway, we knew if we could load Dick then Rusty would load too.  Rusty would literally follow Dick off the edge of a cliff.  Well, Dick loaded like a champ and Rusty tromped right in beside him just as easily.  The pucker factor was pretty high so we were beyond relieved they loaded so well.  We quickly unloaded the boys at the farm and turned right around to go get the girls, Mavis, Fancy, and Molly.  They all loaded easily as well and we were back home and done by 8:30. 

One thing that has amazed us is the neighbor's reaction to the horses.  Cars have slowed to a near stop just to look at them.  This morning the horses were gathered right by the road and 3 different people stopped to either pet them or take their picture.  In the middle of this post, another family drove up to visit them.  It's been fun to watch and a great way to meet our neighbors.  Welp, the shade is finally settling over the front yard, so I'm off to plant some flowers and pick beans.  Here's some pics from the last couple days.  Enjoy.....

The boys checking out the new place

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Transition

Ok, so I"m going to take another whack at doing this blogging thing on a more regular basis.  I think one thing that will help is not overthinking or proofreading what I write. Just let her rip and hope it half-way made sense and was half-way grammatically correct.  I'm a perfectionist so this should be an interesting exercise.

Since it's been over a year since my last post, an update is definitely in order, just in case somebody other than my fam and friends blunders onto this mess of a blog.  As you'll see from earlier posts, we were planning to move to some family land in South Knox county.  We were super excited about that and basically geared everything towards that goal for the last 2-3 years or so.  Things went quite smoothly at first.  Zack cleared lots of trees for a driveway and homesite.  Long story short, we kept hitting financial road blocks along the way and the reality of actually living on the property seemed further and further out of reach.  Well, as it turns out and always has been, the Good Lord had a better plan.  We thought we were on the right track but the roadblocks along the way were His divine of way of showing us we needed to be patient and trust Him. As they say, when He closes a door, He opens a window.  And open it He did!!  He blessed our socks off, as my Grandma says.  I'm smiling now as I think of her saying it :)

At the first of June, we began the process of moving back to the land I lived on as a child.  I lived here until I was 10 years old, and my Grams and Gramps have been here the last 20 years.  They're both in their late 80's, and Grams' health took a downturn in January forcing a 10 day hospital stay for her.  They made the decision to move into a retirement community.  There's much more to that story, but that for another time.  Anyway with the house now available, it was a natural fit for us to move here.  It has been very interesting and notstalgic to live again in this little place.  Grams didn't change anything the whole time they lived here.  The same wallpaper my mother picked out still hangs on these walls, and there's a light switch plate in my old room with my name still painted on it.  Many things will be updated and changed, but that will stay just as it is. This place has always been home.  My roots run deep here and I'm so thankful to be back.  I pray that I will never look over these fields and this beautiful view and take it for granted.

In the last paragraph, you'll notice I said we began the "process" of moving.  With 5 horses, 5 dogs, 5 cats, chickens, business equipment, and all our hosehold junk, this move has progressed along a little at a time around work and other responsibilities.  The dogs, cats, chickies, and the necessary housedhold furnishings are all here.  Zack will finish the horse fence soon, and then they will join the rest of the furry family.  I can't wait !  Once that's done, we'll focus on emptying the old  house and thoroughly cleaning it inside and out... blah.  Alright if you've hung with me this far, sit a spell longer and check out some progress pics of the new place.....

Part of the fence Zack's been building....only wire and fences left until it's finished :)

Just starting to spread woodchips on the garden. We'll have tomoatos out the wazoo!
Hubert and the girls free-ranging in front of their shed turned coop