Sunday, July 10, 2011


After months of planning and a ton of hard work by Zack, the fence is done and the horses are here!!!  We are so relieved and thankful to have them back with us.  Zack finished the fence around 4:30 Friday afternoon and 10 minutes later we were out the door, horse trailer in tow.  Our biggest concern was loading the boys, Dick and Rusty.  They haven't been in a trailer in almsot 3.5 years.  Not to mention they weigh about a ton apiece and if they freaked in the trailer, we'd have to explain to the CO-OP how their trailer got destroyed.  Anyway, we knew if we could load Dick then Rusty would load too.  Rusty would literally follow Dick off the edge of a cliff.  Well, Dick loaded like a champ and Rusty tromped right in beside him just as easily.  The pucker factor was pretty high so we were beyond relieved they loaded so well.  We quickly unloaded the boys at the farm and turned right around to go get the girls, Mavis, Fancy, and Molly.  They all loaded easily as well and we were back home and done by 8:30. 

One thing that has amazed us is the neighbor's reaction to the horses.  Cars have slowed to a near stop just to look at them.  This morning the horses were gathered right by the road and 3 different people stopped to either pet them or take their picture.  In the middle of this post, another family drove up to visit them.  It's been fun to watch and a great way to meet our neighbors.  Welp, the shade is finally settling over the front yard, so I'm off to plant some flowers and pick beans.  Here's some pics from the last couple days.  Enjoy.....

The boys checking out the new place